Friday, July 25, 2008

So the library had

'Truck Day' today, fire trucks, construction vehicles, school buses, all sorts of cool things. I thought for sure Alex would dig it, since he is crazy about vehicles of all kinds.
He didn't.
He didn't mind looking at the trucks from afar, but as soon as I tried to put him near one, or God forbid in one, he lost his mind. A fireman spoke to him, and you would have thought he had been approached by the grim reaper. It's embarassing when a nice man is trying to give your child a cool shiny gold sticker shaped like a badge, and your child screams and tries to climb over your shoulder and run away.
It was very disappointing for me (cause everything is really about me, when you get right down to it). I was looking forward to this all week (yes, my life is fairly empty - it's been raining a lot) and Alex might as well have been at the Dr.s office getting shots. I think this must be Karmic (is that a word) payback, since I have a pretty good idea that I was exactly the same way when I was little, and I am sure my mum must have left many events feeling gypped.
I remember the story of trying to put me in dancing lessons, and I just stood in the corner and cried until she took pity on me.
Field Hockey - I clung to the chain link fence and screamed 'don't leave me here!' - I was like 9 at that point.
Anything new or different, and I spazzed - so I guess I can take credit for this part of Alex's personality. Not that Glenn was an outgoing daring child, I think he was pretty much the same way. We'll be lucky if Alex doesn't grow up to live in a bunker in remote Montana, wearing a tin-foil hat and kleenex box shoes. Poor kid -


Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit like Ned - he loves those things from afar but for some reason when I force him (and yes I force him!) to go on them he cries. He actually enjoys himself once I have forced him, which is why I do it!

And don't you hate it when you have planned something for your kid and it turns out to be such a disappointment because they weren't as in to it as you were? It is all about us moms!

Anonymous said...

My boys have their moments too. Heck, you've met them. LOL

Isn't it crazy what we look forward to as SAHMs? I need to take my life back a little I think.

Anonymous said...

Yes those things are disappointing aren't they. Reminds me of last Christmas when my daughter had no interest in her Christmas presents.

Hopefully Alex will be more excited next time.

Anonymous said...

you've won an award. LOL

Keb-o-Mania said...

Does your Mum give a smug smile when he acts like that? Just wondering... ;-)