Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good lord.

I can't describe how pleased I am that there is an X-Files marathon on today.
This morning I was thinking about my upcoming day and what I needed to get done, and it all involved cleaning and I said to myself 'it would be cool if there was an X-Files marathon on today that I could watch while I was cleaning' and lo and behold, there is. Seriously, I had that conversation with myself. It's small things like this that make me happy.
Also, I talk to myself probably more than is healthy.
Anyway... it's nice to take joy from little things, to appreciate and notice when you have a positive response to something. To think about what you are happy about, instead of what is pissing you off. I'm going to do more of this, and less of that I think - it's good to be alive and healthy.
Luke Wilson is in this one, I'm digging it.


Meg said...

the x-files seriously scare me. I love the show but I'm always freaked out afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I love the X Files and am looking forward to seeing the new movie. I once dreamed about David Duchovny twice - the first time he was Mulder and I was a temp secretary at the FBI and we made out and I woke up the next morning still tasting that kiss on my lips. The second he was David Duchovny and he moved in next door to me and my husband. We had an affair, I left my husband and he got me pregnant. The end!

Kateasaurus said...

Molly - cool dreams! Dreams can be fun, can't they?
Meg - I know, I have a couple of seasons on DVD and I'll put them in and then wonder why after like 8 hours of x-files I'm tense and hearing noises.

Andrea said...

Oh man! The music alone gives me the creeps! I would not have been able to clean, or leave the couch for fear of something getting me. LOL

Meg said...

I like raw peppers but I can't stand cooked peppers or any cooked vegetable at that(a few exceptions).

Strange parallel world we live in! Heh!

Keb-o-Mania said...

i LOVE the X-Files...but we don't have cable so I don't get to watch the marathon. ((sigh)) I'm jealous.