Friday, August 1, 2008


Glenn and Alex went to my FIL's for a couple of hours - my mind is positively SPINNING with all of the things I could be doing right now. I could do shots of tequila at the coffee table, I could listen to death-metal really super loud, I could smoke a carton of something, I could use really really foul language at the top of my lungs and watch a violent movie, I could invite the dirt-neighbors over to party, shit I could leave without a diaper bag...
I could paint my toe nails, do the dishes without somebody pulling my pants down (either one, G or A, of course they have very different reasons for doing so), and finish my book.
I guess I'll go with option B, with a violent movie thrown in.
But really this is like a goddamn celebration - what a treat!!! I haven't been alone in my own house for more than 20 minutes in months! WOOO HOOOO!!