Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Medicine Box

I like to be prepared. I like knowing I have all sorts of remedies. I have a big shoe box - not one that a pair of sandals or something came in, but a running shoe box - full of medicines.
I have vitamins, I have decongestants. I have dramamine, tylenol, aleve, ibuprofin. I have 3 different kinds of pills that will help you sleep. I have heartburn relief. I have at any given moment no less than 3 bottles of infant's motrin, and at least two bottles of infant tylenol. And children's benadryl, even though it's now akin to baby heroin apparently. (I just like knowing it's there) I have homeopathic remedies, and drops, and powders and sprays and sucky-things. I have 3 thermometers - one ear, one traditional, one rectal - teething drops, expectorants, I think I even have some prenatal vitamins left in there.
This isn't my first aid box you understand - that one is bigger. This is merely a box of happiness, a box of peace of mind.
I hope everyone has a box. (tee hee hee - but seriously.)


mmj100179 said...'re too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord woman, you could open up shop!

As far as the Alka Seltzer remedy goes, you take one when you get home from drinking before you go to bed, and you take one when you get up in the morning. If it has been a while, you could even take one before you go out!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

A medicine box? I have a medicine cupboard in my kitchen ~ I can never be TOO prepared, LOL!

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!